We make a fine and healthy patisserie
great regard for traditions.
La Deliziosa was born in 2001 by the passion of Andrea Fenu for traditions and his family.
Together with his brother and sisters, Francesco, Marilena and Grazia, he collected the experience and knowledge of a story of art in the field of pastry that started many decades ago.

Actually, this one has always been a family completely involved with aromas and flavors. Already, Tonino (the father) grew up in Rome and learned this art since he was a teenager, first as a helper and trainee of old masters, then in turn pastry chef in his own business located in Sardinia.

“Since then, our products are a warranty of high quality. We seek to valorize the best ingredients changing them into sweet delicacies.
The rule which characterize each of our creations is preservation of authentic tastes, never forgetting two fundamental ingredients: imagination and curiosity”.